Terrorism Threat Update July 2020
The Terrorism Threat & Mitigation Report 2020 provides an overview of significant acts of terrorism during the year.

Monthly Threat Update July 2020

There were no terrorist attacks in Great Britain this month, but counter-terrorism police did arrest four men suspected of plotting a ‘low-sophistication’ attack which involved plans to behead a Shia cleric.

Separately, the Home Office proscribed the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), a Neo-Nazi group, on 17 July. The group originated in the Baltic states but had an increasingly international membership prior to its alleged disbanding in January 2020. This proscription highlights the growing focus of the UK’s security apparatus on the increasing far-right terrorist threat. Further afield, police in Italy seized 14 tonnes of amphetamines in the port city of Salerno. A police spokesperson said that the drugs were likely produced by Daesh in Syria, with the proceeds from their sale going towards funding its operations. In Germany, the Defence Minister restructured the Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK), Germany’s special forces regiment, following a review into the prevalence of right-wing extremism in its ranks.

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2 Monthly Threat Update July 2020

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