Who are IFTRIP?

The inaugural National Terrorism Reinsurance Pools Congress was organised by Pool Re and held in London during October 2015. It provided, amongst other things, an illustration of what might be achieved by individual national terrorism pools and schemes cooperating more closely. The Congress considered a number of options for increased collaboration, including the creation of a formalised arrangement, one element of which was for the Congress to become an annual event.

In an effort to provide greater collaboration and promote initiatives between the world’s terrorism reinsurance entities, the International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)Insurance Pools (IFTRIP) was established following endorsement at the ARPC congress in October 2016. Francois Vilnet, vice president of GAREAT, has assumed the role of inaugural president of IFTRIP.

Terrorism, and its effects, are indeed a growing threat worldwide which demand a concerted global response from (re)insurance markets and governments. The level of knowledge and risk management developed in national terrorism pools and schemes can form part of this response.

IFTRIP provides members and opportunity to share expertise and experience to combat the threat of potential major economic loss resulting from terrorism.


Save the date for the annual IFTRIP 2019 conference in Brussels

Don’t miss out on the 2019 IFTRIP annual conference, the largest gathering of international terrorism reinsurance pools, insurers, reinsurers, academics and thought leaders in the industry.

The conference provides an opportunity for greater international cooperation. Attendees will gain exclusive insight into the latest terrorist threats as well as valuable information to help mitigate the risks of terrorism.

10 October 2019
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IFTRIP Members attending 2018 conference in Moscow 


Highlights from IFTRIP 2018 conference in Moscow


Pool Re gives details of its latest drive to encourage businesses to proactively mitigate the risk of terrorism

At the recent IFTRIP conference in Moscow, Pool Re gave details of its latest drive to encourage businesses to proactively mitigate the risk of terrorism. In this video, Julian Enoizi, Chief Executive, Ed Butler, head of risk analysis and Steve Coates, chief underwriting officer, alongside colleagues Chris Holt from CHC Global and Richard Thompson from ARL Partners, introduce the Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT).

VSAT is part of Pool Re’s efforts to help companies make themselves more resilient to the evolving terrorist threat by providing them with a means to assess and improve their own security.