IFTRIP Livestream 2020: Beyond Terrorism
“Beyond Terrorism” was one of the main themes to take center stage at this year’s IFTRIP Livestream 2020. Please browse through the content below featuring panel discussions, live Q&As and an array of supporting resources from from world-leading experts.

LIVE PANEL – Beyond Terrorism: How do we reinforce the Re?

Panel Discussion


Sponsored by Talbot/AIG

Moderator: Amber Rudd – Former Home Secretary of the United Kingdom
Dr Adrian B. Leonard – Associate Director, Centre for Financial History, University of Cambridge
Jon Gale – Chief Underwriting Officer, Reinsurance, AXA XL
Dr Christopher Wallace – Chairman, IFTRIP

Pre-reading Materials:
OPTIMISING DISASTER RECOVERY – The Role of Insurance Capital in Improving Economic Resilience


Insurance for an Era of Social Media-Driven Unrest:

Edward Atkin – Senior Class Underwriter- Political Violence, Talbot Underwriting Ltd.

Acts of God: Lessons learned from COVID-19

John Studzinski CBE – Managing Director and Vice Chairman, PIMCO

Tail Risk Events:

Stephen Catlin – Chairman and CEO, Convex Group Limited

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