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IFTRIP Livestream 2020: Overview
This year, we were excited to host our first virtual conference: IFTRIP Livestream 2020
Across October 13, 14 and 15 we hosted three days of extraordinary speakers, panel discussions and presentations brought to life on a virtual stage with an impressive array of more than 40 high-profile figures, discussing seven pivotal themes in the field of counter terrorism, security, risk and (re)insurance.

845 delegates

45 countries

200+ organisations

For 2 hours each day, delegates from all over the world tuned in for 6 topical panels with experts from across the field followed by live Q&A sessions.  Each panel session was accompanied by an assortment of insightful and practical supporting material.  The virtual lobby hosted a Sponsors Lounge and IFTRIP Fellows area where attendees could access additional resources and partner organisations as well as a live discussion forums for networking.  The IFTRIP Livestream platform also provided a rich library of additional on-demand presentations, reports and downloads that delegates could access freely in their own time.

What our attendees had to say...

“It was great to be able to attend an IFTRIP event this year. The format for some of the presentations and discussions is almost more successful than at a physical meeting.”

What our attendees had to say...

“I have attended various virtual events since March 2020 and this is by far the best in terms of both logistics (the website and associated material was incredibly easy to access), timing (very manageable) and content – the speakers were excellent.”

What our attendees had to say...

“Given the circumstances due to COVID I think the IFTRIP was pulled off efficiently and just as effectively as attending such in real life. Great job!”

More of this year’s highlights…

Watch the opening and closing addresses and keynote presentations below:

Welcome Address:

Dr. Christopher Wallace – President, IFTRIP

Closing Address:

Julian Enoizi – Chief Executive, Pool Re
Steven Seitz (Washington 2021)

Welcome Keynote – The work of IFTRIP:

John Q. Doyle – President and Chief Executive Officer, Marsh

Closing Keynote – The evolving terrorism risk:

Dr. David Kilcullen – President & CEO, Cordillera Applications Group

Want to watch more?  Please choose from one of the below themes to access on-demand from IFTRIP Livestream 2020:

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