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Terrorism Threat Update September 2020
The Terrorism Threat & Mitigation Report 2020 provides an overview of significant acts of terrorism during the year.

Monthly Threat Update September 2020

There were no terrorist attacks in the UK this month. However, a man armed with a bladed weapon injured two people near the former offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The attack was reportedly launched in response to the magazine’s decision to reprint a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, first published in 2015. Separately, a Welshman is currently on trial for charges linked to the possession of chemicals and explosives. In addition, police in the US arrested a French-Canadian woman for allegedly sending a letter containing ricin to President Donald Trump.

Further afield, a cyber-attack against a hospital in Germany resulted in the death of a woman. German prosecutors have opened a negligent homicide investigation against the unidentified individual or group involved. In a separate event, the Baghdad offices of British security company G4S were allegedly targeted by a weaponised drone, directed by an unconfirmed group. This event showcases the growing intent and capability of violent groups to weaponise and utilise novel technologies in their attacks.

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4 Monthly Threat Update September 2020

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