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IFTRIP launches Growing Thought Leadership Award

IFTRIP launches Growing Thought Leadership Award

IFTRIP is now providing a platform for young thought leaders showcase their ideas, observations and insights into major terrorism issues through the launch of the Growing Thought Leadership Award (‘GTLA’).

IFTRIP’s Growing Thought Leadership Award (‘GTLA’) is open to undergraduate and post-graduate students worldwide aged between 18-30 years and will be awarded to the best original paper presenting an observational study or investigative research on one of the six terrorism-related topics listed below:

  • Cyberterrorism.
  • Bioterrorism.
  • Pandemic Insurance.
  • Pooling Risks: Are There Opportunities to Expand this Insurance Model?
  • Climate Change: From an Insurance or a Terrorism Threat Perspective.
  • Parametric Insurance: A Potential Solution for Difficult to Insure Risks.

These terrorism and insurance themed categories will form the basis of the discussions taking place at the IFTRIP ‘ReCODE’ Conference in May 2022. The paper should provide a unique perspective into the chosen topic area. Applicants may conduct their own research and/or provide unique insights using existing data relating to the chosen topic.

The applicant of the winning paper will receive a cash prize of £3,000 or equivalent, as well as a showcase opportunity with the global audience of industry experts attending the 2022 IFTRIP ‘ReCODE’ Conference in Washington D.C., and the opportunity to receive mentorship. The mentorship will be tailored both to the winning applicant and the general industry the successful entrant is interested in pursuing.

Chris Wallace, IFTRIP President, said: “The GTLA is a truly unique award programme that allows young thought leaders to share their input and insight on terrorism risk concerns and issues being faced today and in the future. We’re very excited to hear from the leaders of tomorrow on the major terrorism issues our industry and society continue to face.

Julian Enoizi, Pool Re CEO and IFTRIP Secretariat, said: “IFTRIP exists to build international collaboration between insurance markets, governments, academics, and security professionals against the common threat of terrorism and extreme risks. Research and development are at the heart of these efforts, and the GTLA is an important step in connecting today’s leading practitioners with tomorrow’s innovators. This is an exciting platform for future leaders to begin their contribution to building a more resilient, sustainable global society, and I look forward to welcoming them to future IFTRIP conferences.

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